How to tweak (or maybe fix) touchpads and mice




  • Forrest Smith

    Tip from a past thread that seemed worth keeping:




    January 25, 2018 23:23

    For those with Synaptics touchpads [this] may save your sanity,
  • Ren

    Why does the event number changes from time to tim? When it does, it needs to be adjusted again on the conf file?

  • Forrest Smith

    The event # usually won't change, but if it does you need to change/update it anywhere it has been changed

  • Ren

    Thank you, Forrest. It looks like the Evtest numbers get changed when I plug the mouse before booting. It detects it as a new entry and the number for the touchpad changes. I'll just make sure to unplug it before booting.

  • Kicks

    Thought this might help for CHROMEBOOKS and CMT's.

    Note this chromebook 'works' with C.R. with BIOS flashed (necessary?) and touchpad modifications.

    Quirks: installed on USB but leave CB idle, come back looks fine, engage with CB, get black screen and have to shut down - possibly resume from suspend or sleep issue I noted in zendesk blogs - happened twice.

    Running from USB, but I see you got HDMI audio working without alsamixer intervention - on CB and HP 255-G2, HDMI audio was an important issue for me.

    CHROMEBOOK Touchpad Issues & CMT.

    Chromebook touchpads are Hardware ID, or Code-name or Board-name specific

    Fixed - temporarily? - chromebook touchpad tap-to-click sensitivity, scroll sensitivity was fine; previously had to push on touchpad with about 10 pounds of force, obviously used left-pad for tap-to-click.

    For HP Pavilion Chromebook 14 Butterfly Sandy Bridge:

    ------- Ctrl+Alt+T

    ------- shell

    -------- sudo su   Note (enables “:wq!”)

    ------ mount -o rw,remount /

    ------ vim  /etc/gesture/40-touchpad-cmt.conf                            (vim is quirky)

    # Configure touchpads to use Chromium Multitouch (cmt) X input driver
    Section "InputClass"
       Identifier      "touchpad butterfly"
       MatchIsTouchpad "on"
       MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"
       MatchProduct    "cyapa"
       Option          "Touchpad Stack Version" "1"
       Option          "Integrated Touchpad" "1"
       # Disable some causes of delay
       Option          "IIR b0" "1"
       Option          "IIR b1" "0"
       Option          "IIR b2" "0"
       Option          "IIR b3" "0"
       Option          "IIR a1" "0"
       Option          "IIR a2" "0"
       Option          "IIR Distance Threshold" "1000"
       Option          "Two Finger Vertical Close Distance Thresh" "35.0"
       Option          "Fling Buffer Suppress Zero Length Scrolls" "0"

    Section "InputClass"
       Identifier      "touchpad butterfly cyapa"
       MatchIsTouchpad "on"
       MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"
       MatchProduct    "cyapa"
       Option          "Integrated Touchpad" "1"
       Option          "Pressure Calibration Offset" "-7.20313156370106"
       Option          "Pressure Calibration Slope" "3.95266938056467"
       # Extra filters for Cyapa
       Option          "Box Width" "1.0"
       Option          "Box Height" "1.0"
       Option          "Sensor Jump Filter Enable" "1"
       Option          "Sensor Jump Min Dist Move" "0.9"
       Option          "Sensor Jump Similar Multiplier Move" "1.5"
       Option          "Sensor Jump Min Dist Non-Move" "0.3"
       Option          "Adjust IIR History On Warp" "1"
       Option          "Max Allowed Pressure Change Per Sec" "8000"
       Option          "Max Hysteresis Pressure Per Sec" "8000"
       Option          "Delay On Possible Liftoff" "1"
       Option          "Input Queue Max Delay" "0.019"
       Option          "Split Corrector Enabled" "1"
       Option          "Palm Pressure" "250"

    To save and exit:

    ----------- :wq!t

    ----------- restart ui                                                 (or restart)

    Credited to:

    Master cmts:

    Butterfly cmt:

    Chromebook hardware:   To remove Write Protection

    Flashing the BIOS

    I assume this will be overwritten during updates, and can these ‘simply’ be written into the updates or kernel? - again newbie.


  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Kicks,


    Thanks for the detailed comment!

    These are changes you can make after each update for yourself, but because they are so specific to a Chromebook (which most people will continue to use official Chrome OS on, though we love that you're using CloudReady!) they likely won't get merged into our updates. Still, if you back up your version of the file in Google Drive, it's pretty quick to copy it into the right spot after each update. I have some mouse tweaks for a logitech bluetooth touch mouse which I copy into place in 40-touchpads-cmt.conf after each update - only a little bit of trouble! 

  • Kicks

    First, I must apologize, since my post wasn't initially displayed, I thought I was getting the job for some reason - content, possibly personal, ?.

    I'm using GalliumOS - minor issues as well, but CloudReady, from a flash drive, still often freezes or goes black.

    I disagree with the fact that most people will continue to use their chromebook after EOL (they renamed it to something else); although I don't have any definitive evidence of this which means that I could easily be incorrect, other than I see forums indicating that individuals are not willing to continue to use it without updates, particularly security updates, and after a week or two of my updates being discontinued - yes, they were discontinued - I started having a lot of very severe issues with it at that time, correlation not causation, but....

    Also, keeping this in, and copying from a Google Doc file is exactly how I entered it, and it was difficult for ME, VI is not very intuitive, although I somehow entered it, but when I pasted the text it cumulatively added a certain number of spaces to each line in front of the text; say 3 spaces for the 1st line, 6 spaces for the 2nd line, etc - probably using VI incorrectly - which was a lot to delete by the end of the text.  Also - again, probably using VI incorrectly - but I could only paste about 1/3 of the text at a time or it would remove a portion of the file above it.

    I suppose it may be easier to add some sort of bash file after updates, again, I'm a newbie and have only written a bash file once, but I, and others, could search how to do this; do you think it would be easier with a bash file? 

    I assume that they would also get overwritten if they were added to a 90-touchpads-cmt.conf file; any thought of creating a user-end bash file for persistent configurations?  It's free and CR has their priorities.

    It's not for me to ask you to write these into your updates, and I wasn't, I was more of asking if you could - had the ability, and therefore just kind of naturally would.

    Again, I understand that CR has it's priorities, just mentioning that GalliumOS includes this but they are for chromebooks specifically; but with this script added to CR, the touchpad works much better than the touchpad in my specific chromebook as the GalliumOS (with this preexisting script) has a bad no palm-detect and Control+ touchpad zooming issues, which oddly enough this no-mousewheel zoom chrome extension does not work in GalliumOS, and it works fine in other distros in chromium and I believe chrome.

    Feel more than free to delete this post as it's certainly not technically significant or helpful.


    I was using CloudReady Chrome OS on a Dell Inspiron 5379 with a Precision touchpad. The LibInput tweak worked to get the tap to click as well as smoother functionality of my touchpad. 

    Could I suggest that under Settings->Touchpad, they add a radio button or a switch so that users can easily switch from Libgesture to Libinput. Since I am only the second person to click the "Was this article helpful? Yes." icon, either not many people find this webpage or just do not bother to click the icon. Having this simple option built into the settings will likely help a lot of users. 

    Thank you very much for this post! It was very helpful.

  • Alex

    I have an Asus VivoBook F510UA which has an elan trackpad, i did this and got the guestures but moving the mouse was still glitchy, if you are having this problem disable tap to click, i did that and it works great!! thanks

  • Fabio

    hi! i've just installed the 70 version. this triks seems don't work anymore...

    i'm on acer r3-131t (elan Trackpad)

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