Experimental Flatpak Application Support in v64 Home Edition




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    will that remain an experiment or should it become stable in the long term? apps like gimp are interesting. (I know from many years with debian and suse)

    is the play store still an option or will it probably never be found on cloudready and flatpak the alternative?
    so many questions :)

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    Forrest Smith

    Hey Mark,


    We expect to improve and stabilize this over time. Not clear yet how the functionality will evolve, or if the support will remain broad vs. needing to be narrowed down to supply on the stable, secure applications we've vetted. For now, though, there's no limitations but no guarantees.


    As for Play Store - this is still a matter that rests with Google's Chrome OS team. They continue to leave key components of that functionality out of the open source Chromium code base, and re-implementing things is not a realistic option for our team. If the code opens up entirely sometime soon, we would certainly take a good look.

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    Thanks for the detailed information. I think others also wanted to know a bit more about how it goes on, especially at the play store.

    I am pretty sure that google will never fully open the play store code, especially so that no security-relevant parts can be exploited.

    then probably just hope that flatpak over time becomes more stable.

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    Hey Forrest, thanks for the detailed instructions! You might want to update the forum link at the end to point to:

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    Forrest Smith

    Thanks trisk! done.

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    Phil Reilly (Edited )

    How do I uninstall exactly?

    Like this:

    chronos@localhost / $ flatpak list
    Ref                                 Options       
    org.videolan.VLC/x86_64/stable      system,current
    org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/1.6 system,runtime
    chronos@localhost / $ flatpak uninstall org.videolan.VLC/x86_64/stable
    Uninstalling: org.videolan.VLC/x86_64/stable
    error: Permission denied
    chronos@localhost / $ sudo flatpak uninstall org.videolan.VLC/x86_64/stable
    Uninstalling: org.videolan.VLC/x86_64/stable
    Uninstalling: org.videolan.VLC.Locale/x86_64/stable
    chronos@localhost / $ 
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    Rolf Paloheimo

    Great work!

    I just installed Libreoffice, it seems successful even cut and paste work between windows, fonts and small graphics seem normal.  The only problems seems to be that printing doesn't connect with the rest of the cloedready (i have cups set up)

    I have started using cloudready since I got tired of managing my ubuntu machines and was having trouble adapting to the paucity of productivity apps, this really helps me.

    Great work you guys

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    Phil Reilly (Edited )

    This is helpful too:


    Easy References 

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