Experimental Flatpak Application Support (64bit Home Edition)




  • Mark

    will that remain an experiment or should it become stable in the long term? apps like gimp are interesting. (I know from many years with debian and suse)

    is the play store still an option or will it probably never be found on cloudready and flatpak the alternative?
    so many questions :)

  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Mark,


    We expect to improve and stabilize this over time. Not clear yet how the functionality will evolve, or if the support will remain broad vs. needing to be narrowed down to supply on the stable, secure applications we've vetted. For now, though, there's no limitations but no guarantees.


    As for Play Store - this is still a matter that rests with Google's Chrome OS team. They continue to leave key components of that functionality out of the open source Chromium code base, and re-implementing things is not a realistic option for our team. If the code opens up entirely sometime soon, we would certainly take a good look.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the detailed information. I think others also wanted to know a bit more about how it goes on, especially at the play store.

    I am pretty sure that google will never fully open the play store code, especially so that no security-relevant parts can be exploited.

    then probably just hope that flatpak over time becomes more stable.

  • trisk

    Hey Forrest, thanks for the detailed instructions! You might want to update the forum link at the end to point to: https://neverware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/360000017388-Flatpaks

  • Forrest Smith

    Thanks trisk! done.

  • Phil Reilly

    How do I uninstall exactly?

    Like this:

    chronos@localhost / $ flatpak list
    Ref                                 Options       
    org.videolan.VLC/x86_64/stable      system,current
    org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/1.6 system,runtime
    chronos@localhost / $ flatpak uninstall org.videolan.VLC/x86_64/stable
    Uninstalling: org.videolan.VLC/x86_64/stable
    error: Permission denied
    chronos@localhost / $ sudo flatpak uninstall org.videolan.VLC/x86_64/stable
    Uninstalling: org.videolan.VLC/x86_64/stable
    Uninstalling: org.videolan.VLC.Locale/x86_64/stable
    chronos@localhost / $ 
  • Rolf Paloheimo

    Great work!

    I just installed Libreoffice, it seems successful even cut and paste work between windows, fonts and small graphics seem normal.  The only problems seems to be that printing doesn't connect with the rest of the cloedready (i have cups set up)

    I have started using cloudready since I got tired of managing my ubuntu machines and was having trouble adapting to the paucity of productivity apps, this really helps me.

    Great work you guys

  • Phil Reilly

    This is helpful too:


    Easy References 

  • Felipe Vargas

    this is really cool.

    I really like CloudReady, I've been using Linux for years but I also need you to confess the truth I use mostly the browser so CloudReady is the solution for me.

    I'm missing some things like a painter or a password manager that's a little hard to get with Google Chrome apps but it's not so bad, hoping that in the future Flatpak will be stable enough for use.

    Good guys, if there is a way to donate money to a project without buying a support license I would be happy to donate a few dollars.


  • trisk

    Felipe, I've been using GIMP and Inkscape as Flatpaks and they work great on CloudReady.

    I also evaluated a couple of different password managers a while back and settled on Bitwarden, which is fully open source and syncs between the browser extension and mobile apps.

  • Felipe Vargas

    Thanks trisk, I've now installed keepassxc and works great, I've installed the Thunderbird and a lot of fun! I also installed Transmission and works pretty well.
    Hopefully a solution will soon be found for the lack of sound in flatpak applications. If I can use VLC I will turn CloudReady into my main operating system and not just play with my laptop.

    And for the report,
    I also installed Okular PDF Reader for KDE. It seems to work, but it is able to navigate through the system to open files, but still using flatpak has greatly promoted me.

    Tomorrow I'll play with GIMP (-:
  • Makaba

    Can you change default gtk theme for having something that will look "native"? 



  • Courtney

    I was using 32 bit but switched to 64bit just for flatpaks got to say with this addition it actually makes cloudready a huge competitor & viable of daily use more. Truthfully already replaced a few google apps with flatpaks. Like google docs for example removed it & replaced it with libre office. Google calendar with the gnome calendar. Since well google is updating the google calendar can't even download it from the webstore so the gnome calender is a good replacement. 


    This addition is great in my opinion. Can't wait for more improvements & updates with this feature.


    Edit: I am wondering however if there is updates to the flatpaks do they update automatically or do you have to manually update them somehow?

  • Daniel Luck

    When I tried installing the Skype Flatpak, the App installed correctly but I wasn't able to use the mouse with this App.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Daniel,

    When I've seen that in the past I can usually fox it bt uninstalling the app and rebooting, then trying again.

  • Daniel Luck

    Hi Forrest:

    On my Dell Optiplex 3040 Desktop, I have even tried replacing the SSD with new one and installing CloudReady Home (v66.4.25) on the new SSD.  After logging into my account, I had exactly the same problem with all Flatpaks where I couldn't use the mouse.

    For comparison, I also installed FlatPaks on Dell Inspiron 3647 Desktop (new install of CloudReady) and Dell Inspiron 3147 Laptop (upgrade of CloudReady).  The FlatPaks worked just fine on those devices.

    My Dell Optiplex 3040 is running two Acer 2K Monitors (I'm not sure if that has anything to do with FlatPaks not working).  Any ideas?


  • Daniel Luck

    Hi Forrest:

    For comparison, I also tried to install another FlatPak (GIMP - Photo Editor) on the Dell Optiplex 3040 with the same results, but I did get an error message when starting up GIMP.

    I can't move the mouse beyond the last row of icons on GIMP.

    Normally, a clean install onto same hard drive or even new hard drive would fix similar problems with VirtualBox, but for FlatPaks no such luck!

  • Forrest Smith


    Please start a new thread with these details since this problem seems to be specific to your setup/hardware and not a general issue. That will let us discuss options and make sure any conclusions we draw are searchable for others later.

  • Daniel Luck

    I'll do that.  Thanks for all your help!

  • oluwatosin osinubi

    Can anyone offer any information upon how we can start porting over Linux apps to CloudReady using flatpak-builder maybe? Or maybe share the configurations of which successful flakpaks were built?

    This would great help if we could be pointed in the right direction because I have looked at some of the tutorials to create flatpaks andI don't know if I am supposed to use the tutorials for porting apps over to Ubuntu vs other Linux distros. Which SDK to use? Etc, Etc.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Forrest Smith

    If you want to turn a Linux app into a flatpak, you'll need to follow the development guide lines at flatpak.org - you'll probably need to do the actual development work in Fedora or a similar environment, but once you've got it working you can try installing it on CloudReady.

    I haven't done this myself, and I don't think that these forums are likely to have any helpful experts, but I imagine anyone in the wider flatpaks ecosystem (flatpaks githubs, etc) would be happy to help you in both learning to Port apps to be flatpaks, and making any given flatpaks work better on CloudReady.

    If you end up with specific questions about this please post them in a new thread .

  • Vince Pelss

    This has been a big boon for cloudready users. Most of the flatpaks I have tried work just fine for  me. I am using windows less and less!

  • Svetoslav Stoilov

    hi there im getting this error trying to install any flatpak

    Im on Dev channel


    please help

  • noahmutsaarts

    Svetoslav Stoilov

    go to the terminal

    type: sudo disable_verity

    then reboot

    then go back to the terminal and type: sudo mount -o rw,remount /

  • bruce davidson

    I have the exact same problem

    When I enter 'sudo disable_verity' I get:

    sudo: disable_verity: command not found

    I get this problem on almost every flatpack I've tried. So far, only the SublimeText install worked...


  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Bruce,

    If you're unable to use the disable_verity command, perhaps you should reinstalling CloudReady?

    (If you're on a Chromebook rather than a PC, that might also explain the issue, in which case I'm not sure I know how to fix that).


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