How To Enable Widevine




  • Alexandru Vladescu

    useless as usual please make sure you have a solution not just some bulls... t and a link that goes no ware 

  • Jesse Pierce

    Hi Alexandru - we value feedback to the Knowledge Base and the information we provide to assist customers in order to always be improving. However, the use or insinuation of foul language is not acceptable at any point. Please be considerate of your language and tone going forward.

  • Alexandru Vladescu

    I do apologise for my language, i have no excuse.

  • Alexander Noack

    I am using the latest version, but netflix still does not work on my Lenovo T61. Netflix Error-Code: M7355

  • Alexandru Vladescu

    Hi it seems that Widevine is broken in version 68.1 it looks like we have to wait for 68.2 to fix this issue, also you have to be on the 64bit version to work as 32bit not supposed anymore.

  • Blair Sutherland

    any way to roll back my T60 before 68.1? It's 32bit.. 

  • Blair Sutherland

    Also, Cloudready support, if in fact 64-bit versions no longer support widevine, please consider revising the above statement "As of v66.4 of CloudReady, all Editions have Widevine built in, similar to Chromebooks." Thank you.

  • Srinivas Pobba

    Hi Jesse, are you guys considering providing 68.0 version until there is a fix for the Widevine issue?

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