Does CloudReady support Google Voice Search & Input?




  • C. Nero

    v68 HomeEdition


    Is there a way to manually add Voice Search / Input ?

  • miicocrr

    Yes, my voice search not working, too 

  • Carell Hamil

    Hi C. Nero and miicocrr, thanks for your continued use of CloudReady! At this point, the Google Voice Search and Input functionality is a closed API proprietary API and generally will not work.  

  • Benjamin Oakes

    I'm on 70.4.39 (Developer Build - neverware) developer-build chromeover64 with Input Methods shown on shelf.  (In my case, this means I have "US" next to the clock.)

    When I click "US", I see several options: emoji, handwriting, voice (microphone), and settings.  Clicking the microphone icon starts speech input.  I don't think this was the case before, but it seems to be working at the moment!

  • Pertti Kotipalo

    Same version 70.4.39 (Developer Build - neverware) here (as Benjamin Oakes), and it seems to work like his. Using Finnish kb. Just wanted to see if voice input works and when I clicked the mic icon next to an input field, I got the no internet connection thingy. Found Benjamin's comment above and decided to give it another shot. By selecting the kb as voice input one, it seems to work, even in search fields. So, it kinda works and now knowing its status I can forget it as it is no good in Finnish :)


  • Pertti Kotipalo

    Well, I just noticed a funny thing. Now the microphone icon next to search fields etc. seems to work like it should.. That is, after using it the first time the way Benjamin described, it seems to have started working all over like it is supposed to. I'm running Cloudready on a Lenovo Ideapad 120S-14IAP 81A5009DMX.

  • Jesse Pierce

    Hi Benjamin and Pertti,

    Thank you for providing this update! As mentioned in the article, it is a closed API of Google's, so we typically do not expect functionality like that to work. But sometimes we get things for free when we upgrade versions! So thanks for trying it and reporting back on it. We'll let our QA and Product team know they should test it out. Just a warning, we have seen situations in the past where things start working but in later versions stop. So still no guarantees on this functionality, but glad you've seen some success with it. Thanks for being CloudReady fans!

  • Tommy Gössing

    hey guys.

    i was looking for voice input as well. found an article that adviced to enable accessibility support via chrome flags. one option of the accessibility toolset is "dictation".

    i did that and it worked nice and smooth for all input fields accross the system. that was back on a 70-something version.

    unfortunately it only worked for a couple of days, and now suddenly stopped again. the microfon symbol from the accessibility toolset is still in my menue-bar, but when I press it, it makes the initial "ping-sound" that tells me it starts listen to it - but immediately after that it makes some "blob-sound", and the afore activated icon gets deactivated again, indicating, that it is not listining anymore.

    that also already showed up when being on some 70-something version. I did not realize the system switching from on 70-something-version, to a higher 70-something-version, when the funcitonality stopped working, but I can also not proof that "working" and "not working" occured in the very same version.

    today I was upgraded to 72.3.32 (Developer Build - neverware) developer-build chromeover64, and it bring not back the functionality of dictation. the icon behaves still like described above.

    according to this thread I also tried the "speech search button" in the google sear field, and get the "no internet connection" message.

    furthermore tried the dictation button on the on screen keyboard, and it behaves exactly like the dictation icon from accessibility toolset.

    and third, I tried the dictation tool inside google docs. that icon activates to read, I get some silent sough-sound on the headphones, and the machine seems to listen to me as long as I hit the mic to stop so - but it does not convert anything to text.

    and since I am on version 72 now I tried in the fourth place, to activate google assistant via the chrome flags. I can enable the flag. but when opening chrome://assistant-optin afterwards (after reboot) it also reborts to not have connectivity (similar to the speech search on google).

    does anybody have any update on dictating into chrome os / cloudready? I'd need that funcitonality kinda urgent...

    or does anybody know about any alternative to implement something like this?




  • Benjamin Oakes

    I've seen the same on version 72. This stopped working. Perhaps someone at Neverware can look into it if it's due to an implementation change between 70 and 72, but otherwise, it may have just been a fluke.

  • Forrest Smith

    In the past, we had the speech-to-text API enabled for testing purposes but the limit on it was set to the Google-enforced default of 100 per day. If you experienced any functionality with that API, it was a coincidence of timing - that 100 count hadn't run out in those instances.

    In order to avoid creating an expectation that it will continue working, we've disabled the API and will keep it disabled as long as the limit is so low.

    At the moment, as stated before, we don't have any way to raise this limit, so there's no timeline for a change.

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