What Do I Do When My CloudReady Device Is Not Connecting To Or Finding A Network?




  • Laurens Uyttendaele

    Hello, my chromium device can't connect to a network, it says: "Wifi is turned off". And when I try to flip it on, it goes to the off position automatically after about 2 seconds. I've tried what's mentioned in your post and I've even done other things including; buying a usbc-ethernet adapter and plugging it in which works but it still doesn't connect to the network. I've also removed my wifi card, and cleaned it a bit by blowing although there was nothing on it. This problem appeared after it did an update. My platform is version: 70.0.3538.110 (official build) (64-bit). Build date is November 27th. Tried the stable, bèta and developer channels but that didn't change anything either.

    70.3.34 (developer build - neverware) developer-build chromeover64

    Thanks in advance!

  • Karthika Poduval

    Hi Laurens Uyttendaele,

    the behavior you are seeing when you slide on the wifi and it going automatically off is when it is not a supported Wifi card. If you can the details of your wifi driver we can check and confirm if this is supported. Meanwhile, you can try to update the machine to the latest stable version 70.4 and then try using the usbc-ethernet adaptor. Let me know if that helps. 

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