Disabling RootFS Verification




  • Eric Milward

    when I type in the command it says:

    sudo: disable_verity: command not found


  • Forrest Smith

    Eric -


    are you first dropping to a shell?



    also, can you confirm you're on v66, not v65?

  • vulcan man

    How do I renable RootFS verification?

  • Phil Reilly

    You don't want too! After changing STUFF if you could re-enable it the startup check would fail & you would be the proud owner of a SOFT BRICKED cloudready installation.

  • gtech

    After executing disable_verity and then doing a read-write remount, should we after that be able to then do a read-only remount?  

    I'm on the v66.4.25 installed Home edition but after rebooting I tried to remount read-only, but it does not take. The file system remains read-write.  

    sudo mount -o ro,remount /





  • Forrest Smith

    With or without verity disabled, the root file system will be mounted as read-only after each reboot. 

    You can check the status of the root partition by running:

    sudo mount | grep -i " / "

    from a shell - this should spit out the mount info and config for your root partition. Mine looks like this after a reboot:

    /dev/nvme0n1p20 on / type ext2 (ro,relatime,block_validity,barrier,user_xattr,acl)

    You can see the "ro" option in there!

  • gtech

    My apologies regarding my read-only misconception. Using your command, I do see that the root file system is read-only on reboot.  I got confused because I was able to write to the chronos user home folder and I misinterpreted that as the root file system being writable.  Thanks for the clarification, Forrest.

  • niyazi

    i cannot work libre office in cloudready V70.3 and i try to uninstall it. but it required root rights.

    i try    sudo disable_verity .

    but it cannot give me root rights.


  • Forrest Smith



    I've replied to your concern in another thread.


    In the future, please refrain from posting the same question/description in multiple threads all at the same time. We consider this spam and always want to avoid it.

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