Experimental VirtualBox Support in CloudReady




  • Guillermo Cavazos

    I installed Android 7.1 but it is very slow.

    Yes, we should wait for Neverware to add Google Play Store to Cloud Ready....hopefully....soon.....yes...

  • Felipe Vargas

    I do not think you'll see anytime in the near future, Android apps in CloudRaedy.
    The core parts of the ChromeOS code that are running Android applications are not available as open source, so CloudRaedy can not use them.

    But on the other hand, most ChromeBooks on the market also do not support Google Play because of too little disk space for the job.

    Which apps exactly do you need from Google Play? I'm sure I can find an alternative way to get your actions done on ChromeOS apps or dedicated websites. =]

  • RocoLee

    It is a big problem that I can not install virtualbox extension package in cloudready due to root permission issue。It just like give you a car without 4 tires。

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Roco - 


    Can you give more specific examples of what kinds of actions and functionality you need the extension package for? Knowing more info about what people use it for and what is possible with and without that fix would help us motivate the development work.

  • RocoLee

    Hi Forrest -

    Extension Package is for better hardware compatibility (like usb 2.0/3.0 support), and  better function support (like RDP. Remote Desktop Protocol). I know extension package is free for personal-use (just like cloudready) so I still have to install for myself. Now I get error message when install. You can check this post that shows more detail. https://neverware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360003066407-VirtualBox-extensions

  • Yue Su

    I installed it but it wouldn't let me click anything. The cursor shows like a black cross. what is it the issue?

  • Forrest Smith

    Yue Su - 


    Use the overview (f5 of fn+f5) to see if there are multiple virtualbox windows - I had an issue once where a pop up from that app was rendering off screen and I needed to use overview to get it back in range.

  • Vince Pelss

    It works fine for me. 


    Is there an easy way to update to the newest version of virtualbox on cloudready?


    Is it as simple as downloading it and installing it? 


    BTW, I love that steam is available!

  • Forrest Smith

    Glad it's working! Because Chromium OS Isn't intended origingally ro run VirtualBox (or other native Linux applications), it needs to be updated during build time by Neverware to ensure compatibility.

    We intend to update the package from time to time, but for now are favoring stability when possible. If important new features come out in an updated Virtualbox release that you think CloudReady users are likely to need, please feel free to start a new thread describing the update in the forums so we can prioritize an update based on demand.

  • Spencer Wallman

    I have VirtualBox installed and setup a Windows 10 VM inside of it.  However, I'm running into an issue getting the screen resolution to match.  My laptop runs at 1366x768 but that doesn't appear to be selectable inside the Windows 10 VM.  Any suggestions?

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Spencer,


    I think you want to install VirtualBox Guest tools - Check steps 8 here

  • Spencer Wallman

    Thanks...I was able to get close to the proper resolution - I can get it to 1360x768 with the VirtualBox Guest tools.  Pretty happy with stuff so far, probably want to beef up host memory to 16GB of RAM though.

  • D. D.

    i have had virtual box up and running for a few weeks now(Windows 10). but today i updated to 68 dev channel and i have the icon still, but no go on running virtual box. does nothing now. i am wondering the steps to access this in crosh if any. i was reading this is a flatpak, and i can find it, i typed "flatpak" and it understands the command but no showing it. i look on the flatpak website, but something just hit me, i need to check oracle for the flatpak..

  • D. D.

    after some digging i found a few different ways VirtualBox can be installed on here but no way to uninstall it. location is opt/VirtualBox but it is read only. can not delete it. access denied. says read only. even if a change permissions. it still says read only.

  • Forrest Smith



    You need to run

    sudo disable_verity

    and then reboot, and then run

    sudo mount -o rw,remount /

    and THEN you should be able to alter things.

  • Tiago Elias Batista

    I am trying to install Ubuntu 18 as guest on Virtual Box, but when it starts installation process, cloudready freezes and and screen turns Black. How to fix this?

  • Joyson D. Martinez

    Ubuntu 18.04 gives me a lot of problems, but Fedora 28 works great. Question How can I install Virtualbox in the Enterprise Edition? 

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Joyson,

    Sounds like Ubuntu has some quirks that other guest Linux OSs don't. We'll look into this.

    As for Enterprise support -

    Virtualbox is still a very new feature and was not built for manageability. We're not offering it in our paid/supported Editions for now so as to avoid setting the wrong expectations for customers who otherwise can call/email us with any problem.

    If you're part of a business environment that you think would get a lot of value from VirtualBox we'd love to hear more about it. Any additional details you can offer?
    You're also welcome to start a conversation with our Enterprise Sales Team (enterprise@neverware.com).

  • dawa

    HELLO forrest smith can you please help me how do i fix audio problem every time a play some facebook video the music in video doesnt play at all can you please help and can you tell me how to install google chrome on neverware i have neverware 32 bit latest version please help me and i hope you will reply me


  • Christian

    I upgraded to v66. Clicking virtual box only brings up an error:

    "Failed to open installer file for reading"

  • D. D.

    I tried something out. It seems once crostini is enabled it drops the virtualbox install. Only thing I found is Linux apps are inside their own directory that emulates a VM. So, I ditched oracle VB. I found someone stating old versions of cloudready support dual boot. So I found v56 still supported dual boot. I installed v56 along side windows 10, all on a 2015 MacBook air. I have now a macbook that triple boots. HighSierra, Windows 10, and Cloudready. I was having problems with refinder booting Cloudready. So I ditched that and just use the option button on start up. It seems like everytime I got VB up and running, it would crash after a few Windows updates. Then if you enable Linux, it will not open. I tried to remount, and unenable crostini. Nothing worked. Also I couldn't uninstall VM that I created. Even in root. Kept saying access denied and nothing is ever denied. Through crosh I can wipe anything except Virtual Box. I could see it. I tried changing permissions for it. Used my other user name with non root privileges

  • D. D.

    Oh forgot to mention it updated to v68 when I checked for updates.

  • Ivan Castillo

    Everytime I Try installing virtualbox It Always Gives The Same Error Could Not Open installer file for writing. I Tried Updateing to v68.4 but still same error.

  • D. D.

    I never got it to work right. I had it up for a few days, but once I enabled crostini it would crash. I didn't need cloudready running at the same time so I did what I said above. I tried many times on v67. I haven't on 68.4. But from what I read, it isn't officially supported so no real help with it.

  • C. Nero

    Is the Virtual Box support in v68 HomeEdition release still experimental?


  • Nucky

    I have used Windows 10 in VB in a Linux distro. I have tried installing on the VB in Cloud Ready but can't get past this error message;

    Cannot open host device '/dev/sr0' for readonly access. Check the permissions of that device ('/bin/ls -l /dev/sr0'): Most probably you need to be member of the device group. Make sure that you logout/login after changing the group settings of the current user (VERR_ACCESS_DENIED).
    AHCI: Failed to attach drive to Port1 (VERR_ACCESS_DENIED).

    Any ideas?

  • Soheil Balini

    Every time I try to install it. I get "failed to verify download". strange!

  • D. D.

    Virtual box flatpak isn't working. If you can enable crostini and get Linux apps on there, vm works within crostini. The flatpak(app) in the app drawer has been finicky for me. One time would work, other times not. I found after a few starts if it would start at all it would just stop working. There is no real support for the app. Now if you go threw Linux apps and install it that way, it works great. I haven't found any fixes for the app.

  • Festusdog

    How do I access my local ISO files?  I cant seem to find -- or access -- ANYTHING locally with Cloudready, regardless of whether it is on a USB drive or copied to DOWNLOADS folder.

    Can someone explain this to me?  All I want to do is: (1) attach an ISO file to the virtual CD rom, and (2) set a local folder for SHARED FOLDER access.

    Very simple.  Seems like using local storage is a real PITA.

  • Boo Khan Ming

    Hi Festusdog,


    You have to paste "/home/chronos/user/Downloads" into the Filename text box.

    "Downloads" yes, it is case-sensitive.

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