Manually select your Broadcom wifi driver




  • Phil Reilly

    I've been removing wl from the blacklist in modprobe.d with great success on a macbook 4,1 with a broadcom airport extereme. If I don't do this this device will not run in N mode but defaults back to G.

    Since I'm running this on a 3.0 USB install image I'll try it out when the new v66 image is released. (still need dev images for devices running on live USB's too)

  • Phil Reilly

    This is what I get when I remove wl from blacklist on Xfinity


  • Phil Reilly

    This method works in v64. wl needed for macbook 4,1 with airport extreme.

  • Dave Cranwell

    Can confirm this worked a charm with my Macbook 4,1, by uncommenting "wl"

  • Tony Baloney

    I'm having to make this change after each update on my macbook 4,1. Can this be made a permanent setting by Neverware????

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