How Do I Update Proprietary Media Components ?




  • Devesh Verma

    Option not available? Please help!

  • Urban Mattsson

    I have the same problem

  • Jesse Pierce

    @Devesh and @Urban, I'm sorry you're seeing issues with codecs. Usually the codecs show up after a 1-2 second delay for me. Is this something you're still experiencing with the latest releases of v70 and v71? And are you experiencing any media playback issues as a result? Or are you unable to enable the settings at all because they aren't displaying properly?

  • Devanshu Mishra

    I have the same problem. On 70.4.39. I have tried rebooting and click here to check for updates multiple times. Please help


  • Devesh Verma

    @Jesse, the codecs doesn't show up after a 1-2 second delay, it's blank forever! Yes I am still facing this issue. Yes as a result I am unable to play any media, not even the one I have in my hard disc. Yes, I am unable to enable the settings at all because they aren't displaying properly.


    I am unable to figure what the problem is, Its really very confusing. I have checked almost every blog, I could have. Why this is not addressed? its really very disappointing.

  • Forrest Smith


    We'd recommend you take some time to 

    1) Remake your USB installer using the latest stable 64bit images here

    2) Reinstall using that USB installer you remade

    3) Check if the problem persists

    4) If it does, try logging in as a different Gmail user to see if the settings appear then


    If you continue having issues, please post a new thread with a description of this problem and your specific hardware. 

  • Devesh Verma

    I have tried that too, without any luck. Trust me I have made usb of every stable release since 69.* Without any success. And there was no issue before that. Everything ran smoothly.

    I have tried with both my personal as well as company gmail account.

    I tried running from the live usb and then installing on my computer, but no success. I have tried it on two difference laptop, so its not as if there could be issue with my system. Could it because its a free home edition? I highly doubt that. But I am running out of options here.

  • Forrest Smith

    It is not the Home Edition, plugins work fine there.


    You should try a brand new, totally untouched gmail user with no preexisting settings. That could help clarify if something about your two profiles (extension or similar) has an impact.

    Again, please start a new thread if you want to continue troubleshooting after this.

  • Devesh Verma


    Thanks I will give it a try for sure. But how would I start a new thread? If I can remember this thread thing doesn't work in case you are a free user, idk. Appreciate if you could help. Thanks

  • Forrest Smith

    Visit this page to see our community forum and post a new thread using the button "new topic"

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