Experimental Crostini Support (64bit Home Edition)




  • Tiago Elias Batista



    It is necessary to enable "Linux" on Chrome OS settings, as described in https://www.reddit.com/r/Crostini/wiki/getstarted/crostini-setup-guide


  • C. Nero

    How stable and usable is Crostini in yesterday release of v70.3  64bit home edition?

  • Forrest Smith

    Google is presenting it as increasingly stable, but from a CloudReady point of view it should still be viewed as unstable and unsupported. We have not tested Crostini thoroughly on a wide variety of devices. It may not work in some, or many, cases/hardware.

  • C. Nero

    Thank you, Forrest.

  • C. Nero

    v70.3 64bit. Experimental crostini can be enabled.  After reboot, when I try to enable Linux app from settings, it spins for a while and returns with a msg saying install failed.

    Then if you try to uninstall the partially installed Linux app, it fails too.

    Any comments or suggestions?

  • Forrest Smith


    I'm not seeing the same issue. Can you try again on a fresh install? Or in a different user profile?

  • C. Nero

    Yes, I tried this again on two fresh installs, same results.

  • Asif Sanjary

    At last, the Terminal app successfully installed on HP Pavilion 15-p004nx Notebook. Thanks for your continuous support.

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