Does "Family Link" Work On A CloudReady Machine?




  • Kath Crolla

    Helpful to know this BEFORE installing. I was preparing an old netbook for my 6 year old grandson to use, and because of his age, Google demanded I use Family Link. Once linked I could not use the identity to make a log in on cloud ready. :-(

  • notzippy

    Same here :-(  I even tried switching to the beta release channel and it still didn't work - now I know why. The explanation makes sense though, so I can appreciate that they are not the roadblock.

  • Fei Yau

    Same situation as Kath Crolla. Hope there will be support in the future.

  • Flyerx01

    Please make this a priority. There would be a large number of parents that would use cloudready for thier kids laptop if this feature was implemented.

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