Dell Mini 9 boot off SD card



  • Forrest Smith

    SD card booting is fine for CloudReady - you can even use the Chrome Recovery Utility as normal. Just depends on whether your Dell mini 9 supports it.


    As for performance - the real issue with that Dell Mini 9 is that the graphics and processor (GMA 950 / single core Atom N270) are underpowered and poorly-optimized for Linux - you probably won't see much better performance regardless of storage speed. 

  • Forrest Smith

    Though 1 GB of RAM can definitely hurt performance, so an upgrade there might help to some extent.

  • Paul Essen

    Thanks for the reply, Forrest. It sounds like my old netbook might just not be powerful enough to run this, then. It was pretty slow when using it off the USB drive, and I was hoping that slowness might've been from having it run off an old USB drive, but it sounds like it has more to do with the under-powered processor and low memory. Thanks.

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