dual monitors - primary screen stays dim (Toshiba Tecra M5)



  • Forrest Smith

    Assuming the display is dim, but not off -

    Does the device have other brightness keyboard shortcuts printed on it ? On many machines the original brightness short cuts meant for Windows work.

    You might also try closing the lid and then re-opening while connected to VGA monitor all along. It should go into 'docked mode' , and then potentially when you open it the display will reinitialize with normal brightness behavior .

  • Nen Du Vel

    thx, Forrest, for the quick response.

    Closing and opening the lid didn't solve the problem. The machine just didn't even resume when opening the lid again. Both displays stayed black.

    But I found the solution in the BIOS. I've changed the display settings from 'auto-select' to 'LCD+Analog RGB'.
    Now both screens are bright and the brightness slider works when hitting F6/F7.


  • Forrest Smith


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