Android Apps



  • Brad Sharkey

    This is an attempt to bring Android apps to Linux. It is probably still at the alpha stage but looks like it could eventually work well.

    The developers say that It does not rely on the computer's hardware so much as the Google Android-to-Chromebook and it is not a computer program as such.



  • Bob



    How would we get to install? I've tried using remix os but the inverted mouse doesn't make for a great desktop experience. Through those folks I believe its possible however. In any even I love this platform and would be grateful to collaborate on getting this functional, if viable. 

  • Brad Sharkey

    Yes, I have had more success installing Android x86 which installs much like Linux and with an older version of Grub. In theory it would be possible to dual boot Cloudready and Android x86 but getting the Grub part right would be tricky. Also Cloudready doesn't "like" dual booting.

    I have "solved" this "problem" with a hardware approach. I have Cloudready on an older desktop and a Jide Mini Android computer ($68 on Amazon) connected to a dual input monitor and with a KVM switch to go from one to the other. It is possible to have both computers running at once. 


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