Creating local storage safe from autodeletion if free space becomes limited



  • Rie

    Would this option hurt?

    Chromium/Chrome Os is ultimate designed to rely on cloud storage. The internal is more a rescue cache then really meant for storage.

  • Tom Miller

    Another solution besides making sure the download area is backed up to Google drive would be something like an external SD card.  I use this on my Chromebook and most of the laptops I have owned have such a slot.

  • Dylan Schneider

    Yes an external is an option but that doesn't address my actual question. I'm not looking for guidance on how to use the system as intended; more looking for help with hacking it. Thanks for the input though.

  • Rie

    Most hacks are overwriten with how to updates work. Actual download the full rom and replace entire system.

    So there's no way of telling it wouldn't touch your internal partition. And sometimes they roll out ota's that aren't over the air, meaning reinstall from usb is needed. This wipes the entire disk.

    I've my doubts hacking the internal would be a save solution in the long run. 

  • Dylan Schneider

    Rie, good piece of knowledge to have. Thank you.

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