How to Uninstall CloudReady or boot to a new OS liike Remix OS or Windows 7? (I'm desperate for Android or .exe Apps)



  • Forrest Smith



    No OS can "run" an ISO file - they need to be 
    "burned" to a USB or CD/DVD or SD card using special software.


    The Chrome Recovery Utility in our guide is a great example of something you can do this job with. Follow the same steps for using it as found in the guide (you can do this all within CloudReady) but use your Windows 7 ISO instead of a cloudready file. (You'll need to use a USB or SD card - CloudReady isn't built to interact with discs).

  • nangtienngu

    hey, I have the same issue with my brother's laptop

    Chromebook recovery ulitility does not recorgnize Windows ISO file. How can I select the ISO file using Chromebook Recovery Ulitilities within Cloudready to burn it to USB.

  • Forrest Smith

    Maybe just edit the ISO file to be a ".bin" and see if that does the trick


  • nangtienngu

    I will try doing this because my brother does not like Chrome OS at all though he only use his PC to surf on the web.

  • D Rojas

    Renaming the ISO extension to bin will let you burn a Windows 10 image to a USB stick using the Recovery Utility.

  • G Rogers Guest

    It did let me burn the recovery image to the usb stick.  The laptop still does not recognize the windows 10 usb.  Reverts to Cloudready.

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