Lenovo YOGA tablet 2 - windows - Model 1051F



  • Forrest Smith

    We do upgrades to include more drivers and support newer hardware every once in a while - we may do one in the next few months. However, that won't guarantee any particular hardware works - just that our hardware support will more closely match mainstream Linux hardware support.

    There's sadly not any way to approach this on a device-by-device basis.


    Check back in September, and watch our blog for news of major upgrades!

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  • Michał P

    Can you add drivers for that tablet? 

    Worked in another system (tested Ubuntu, Fedora, Andorid86x)
    Bluetooth : Broadcom 4324 (I see file here: https://launchpad.net/asust100-ubuntu/+milestone/bluetooth-t100taor https://github.com/Asus-T100/firmware/tree/master/brcm)

    Sound Card: Wolfson WM5102, intel STS

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