ADB and Fastboot on Cloudready?



  • Forrest Smith



    Here's where I've gotten to:


    1) Download the zip file and double click it to open it in your files browser

    2) Inside the mounted zip file, highlight "adb" and "fastboot" and drag them into your Downloads folder

    3) Now you can mount as the guide suggests:

    sudo mount -o rw,remount /

    4) Then you can finally copy the files from your Downloads folder to the /sbin directory:

    sudo cp ~/Downloads/adb /sbin/
    sudo cp ~/Downloads/fastboot /sbin/

    5) Then I had to add executable permissions to those files:

    sudo chmod 755 /sbin/adb
    sudo chmod 755 /sbin/fastboot


    At this point, any attempt I make to run fastboot or adb results in a response that the file does not exist, is not executable, etc.

    People in your linked thread seem to be referring to additional files in their Downloads folder as here. Maybe we don't have the whole story here in terms of necessary tools and files?

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  • Nathan

    root is the owner so have to start the server with sudo

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  • Malte Kiefer

    I know this is old, But I think somebody maybe need it.

    Just do it like this:

    it is working perfectly

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