Allocation of storage space for Chrome OS when dual boot with windows



  • Forrest Smith

    Our dualboot installer restricts CloudReady to 32GB of total space, with about 25 of that available to you as storage, so there's not really any easy solution unless you feel confident making changes to your partitions on your own.


    In general, we recommend that you rely on cloud storage when using CloudReady, which should make 25 GB of local storage for temporary files and Downloads plenty, and you can just reserve the local storage for using with Windows.

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  • Kay Urbach

    On the other hand, you could just answer the question. 

    Even though it is not recommended, yes, it is possible. Just shrink your windows partition to 250GB. The cloudready installer will allocate the rest, I suppose. (can not test it, but it took like the full 200GB as I shrunk my win part. to 50GB on my 250GB drive during my first tries of installation.)

    And because it's not supported, future versions of the installer may have different outcomes, so be warned.


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