Instructions on how the vmware virtual machine is created?



  • dragon788

    In order to install it yourself you'll want to follow the "manual install" directions that explain how to "dd" the bin file onto the virtual hard drive.

    The "easy" way is to download an Ubuntu LiveCD and boot from it in VMware with two empty virtual disks, one around 12-15gb and the other however large you want your CloudReady install to be. In the VM format the smaller disk and download the CloudReady file there and extract it. Then run "dd" per the manual install instructions to copy the contents of the 'bin' file onto the larger disk (probably /dev/sda or /dev/sdb depending on the order you attached the disks). After your install is done if it reboots or powers off, unmount the Ubuntu LiveCD and delete (or simply detach) the 8GB drive and then boot using the EFI option (may be default in newer Virtualbox/VMware) and see if you have any success.

    There are some video/etc drivers required by virtualization tools that may not have counterparts in Virtualbox or VMware yet so don't expect an easy process.

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