Hangs on a black screen when first launched from a flash drive on a MacBook air 2020 i3



  • JCloud

    Seems strange that you are trying to run CR on a shinny new expensive macbook air. Don't think many macs are supported these days. Nothing can suggest really other than obvious:

    have tried USB actually works on a different machine?

    Try without connected display?

    What BIOS / BOOT options does macbooks have that could try changing?

    Also try different methods of USB creation, different USBs etc, ports



    Basically at this stage its USB or BIOS / BOOT things that is all you can try changing. If can't solve that way then will probably just not work.

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  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Edward,


    I'm not sure if CloudReady will boot on this, but even if you got it to, I suspect that the keyboard/touchpad wont' work (based on lack of overall Linux support for those devices that I've read in the past). 

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