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  • Michael Pobega

    Hi Aaron,

    Do you know if your machine is set to use UEFI or Legacy BIOS? Make sure that you're booting the USB using the same method (ie, if your BIOS is set to 'legacy' boot the USB that way, and if it's set to 'UEFI' be sure to UEFI boot the USB).

    On certain models having a mismatch of these settings causes the installation to not go as plan.

    Also make sure that you are clicking "Install CloudReady" from the login screen, not from within a logged in session.

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  • Sara Caldwell

    Aaron, what model are you trying to install on?

    In general, if your machine won't boot from USB, try recreating your USB stick and/or choosing a different drive. Make sure the USB is 8 or 16 GB (some larger sticks live-boot on certain machines).

    Also, try updating your BIOS and setting to defaults. More information about the model type might help identify the specific issue, as well.

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  • Jaymes Driver

    Check the official answer for this question:

    It should assist with installation.

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