Asus Z53j black screen



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    Forrest Smith

    Hi surferjsmc,

    We've never worked with those NVIDIA graphics before...that could be your issue.

    If the machine also has integrated intel graphics which you can switch to in the BIOS, I would recommend you try that.

    If not - you might have success with using your vga port out to another screen, or you might just be out of look with those graphics.

    Let us know if you get anywhere, but sorry if there's not help!

  • surferjsmc

    Well there are no other integrated graphics besides nvidia's, i'll try pluging a monitor as you say, also i found more ram sticks to add in.

    i'll let you know, thanks for the quick response

  • Forrest Smith

    Hey surferjsmc -

    Our devs are looking at a similar NVIDIA chip and think they might have a fix in our next release! Keep an eye out on this forum for announcements and when we update you may be able to use your machine!

  • surferjsmc

    Cool! I'll be watching you guys ;-)

    Btw after adding the other ram sticks now I have 4 Gb. total and now the screen turns white not black, it's like it detects a second monitor, but the icons never appear. Next I'm going to try plugging my monitor.

  • Forrest Smith


    The new release is out! Downloadable at

    We are hopeful that some fixes for NVIDIA cards included in it will apply to your machine - give it a try and let us know if it works!

  • surferjsmc

    Thanks for the update forrest! i will download the new version right away :-)

  • surferjsmc

    Ok now it's working like a charm, good job!

    Only one small detail that i don't like, it turns on the onboard webcam by it self, i mean at least the light next to the cam turns on after login in and if you log of (not shutdown) the light keeps on.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi again,

    SO glad that fix worked for you!

    The webcam light is meant to flash on for just a second on startup (we have to do this to initialize certain legacy web cams), but it should not stay on.

    If yours is staying on, I'd recommend going into your privacy settings and disabling the webcam except for applications / webpages which you explicitly whitelist. Should help.

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