Running on Parallels VM?



  • Charlie Lindahl

    I just asked a question about Virtual Appliances (VMWARE + VirtualBox). I'm going to attempt to generate a VI soon (I have VMWARE on my Mac) and will report back to the group/forum.

    CyberchuckTX (Charlie in Houston)

  • Jeff Killberg

    Hello - Not sure if you ever were successful with Parallels or not, but I downloaded the current 'free' install tonight (49.1?) and was able to successfully create a new VM in Parallels using this software. I created the Chromebook Recovery usb bootable stick, created a new VM in Parallels and configured the USB stick to be in the boot order of the vm upon first boot (hint - make sure EFI is ticked). Worked great. I have not tested much, but was able to successfully log in, sync settings, etc. Pretty sweet.

    Now that I have this 'installed' as a VM, I should also get all the ongoing updates as well, correct?



  • Charlie Lindahl

    Never attempted to generate  the VMWARE image; glad to hear you got yours working with Parallels. If it works in Parallels it should be relatively easy to import into VMWARE. 

    As to your question: yes you *should* get the updates whenever they are available.


  • Charlie Lindahl

    Just got the new Cloudready VMWARE images and have run successfully on VMWARE Fusion.

  • Craig Stodolenak

    Using Jeff's instructions I got it to install and run:

    • use 64-bit version, install to USB drive

    • config USB drive in boot order, ensure EFI enabled

    Issues I'm encountering are lack of ability to change resolution from 1024x768 (from within ChromeOS or Parallels), no audio, and YouTube videos will load but not play (I can go frame by frame or advance to frames). Anyone getting these to work? Parallels only supports their own install of ChromeOS, which is @ v34(!), and they've so far been unresponsive for requests to update it.

  • Greg Power

    this claims to do the installing (but on vmware). try it, maybe it'll work

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