Surface Pro 1 wifi issue



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    Forrest Smith

    Hi Troy,

    It sounds like the issue is more likely to be with respect to the wifi network than the wifi driver.

    Can you log in, then go to the command line and run the following:

    sudo lshw -json > Downloads/troy_surface_pro.txt

    Then you should see that file appear in the downloads folder. Upload the file to me and I can maybe learn what the issue is.

    Another thing to try is to create a fresh-USB stick and start carefully, by connecting only to a public, non-hidden, unrestricted network like a cell phone tether. If that doesn't work it is likely a hardware/driver error. If that does work, we can proceed one-network at a time to find which connection causes this issue.

    Thanks for your persistence!

  • Troy Mess

    When I try to sign in to an open wifi, I get a dhcp error.

  • Troy Mess

    I ran the usb on another machine and the wifi connects perfectly. I also tried the surface on a several different networks and it always says bad password on password protected wifi, or dchp error on open wifi. Since this usb stick connects on other machines, is it still worthwhile to try a new usb key?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Forrest Smith

    Probably not - those are good tests to confirm that, most likely the surface's wifi is somehow special and we're having a driver issue with it.

    If you get a usb dongle for wifi that might make the thing usable though.

    Also, if you drop to a CLI and get me lspci or lshw output maybe we can figure out which driver is missing.

  • Forrest Smith


    Some people are reporting success with WPA2 btu not other standards - any chance you can check that for your Surface Pro?

  • Troy Mess

    No difference on wpa2. :(

  • Forrest Smith

    If you need a dongle Try this:

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