Successfully testet on ASUS UX32A



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    Forrest Smith


    Glad most things are working well! Here are some tips if you want to dig in and tweak what isn't working:

    If you're technical, you can access command line programs "synclient" and "xinput" to tweak thinks like sensitivity and enable/disable the trackpad.

    If you get good with that, you can probably even combine that with programs like "xev" and "xmodmap" to get your hotkeys working. It'd be a project, but I've done a bit of it here.

    All in all - just glad to hear you're happy. Let us know what you think at

  • Ronald V

    Can you please advise the key combo for screen brightness? Think I've tried everything now and still it is way to dark

  • Forrest Smith


    Have you tries using F6 and F7? Those are the default Chromebook brightness keys, and work in almost all scenarios for me. (In some cases, you might need to hold Fn+F6/F7, but that is unusual).

    If that doesn't work, maybe I can dig up a cmd line function to let you change brightness.

    THanks for using CloudReady!

  • Ronald V

    Hi Forrest,
    Yes I have. (by the way, it's a Dell D630). F8 and F9 work fine with sound but F6 and F7 seem to do nothing at all.

  • Forrest Smith


    Have you tried Fn+[Up Arrow]?

  • Bjarne Oldrup

    Ronald, on my Asus, its FN+F5 and FN+F6 to adjust brightness down and up. A "brightness meter" is shown in the lower right corner, where also a "volume meter" is shown when adjusting volume... It the same keys I use in Windows.

  • Ronald V

    Got it!! FN-Arrow-Up!! Thank you all!

  • Forrest Smith

    Addressing one of your concerns:

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