HP G60-244DX compatability



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    Forrest Smith


    You replied to a no-reply email instead of replying here in the forum. Copied below is your message, but in the future make sure you come here and post responses directly.:


    Thanks for the response. Problem seems to be when I try to download the image, it requires a choice of model number etc which I guess you are saying it doesn't matter which one I choose? Also, can I down load the image safely on a "good" computer without risking it changing my win 10 OS, and then putting the thumb drive in the "old" compuer that I want to use as a chrome book? Thanks for any continuing help.

    John - it sounds like you're opening the Chromebook Recovery Utility and looking through the list of Chromebook model-options. Instead of choosing something from that list, click the gear-icon in the top right corner and select the "local image" option. Then, in your computer's file-browser, locate the cloudready.bin file you downloaded from us.

    Then you should be able to proceed as expected.

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  • Forrest Smith

    Hi John,

    There's actually only a universal CloudReady image. It had as wide of driver support as we're able to so far provide, so you should just go ahead and try that one - can't hurt!

    Download it at Neverware.com/free!

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  • jojo

    I just installed it on a HP G60 235DX and it works flawlessly. 

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