Works on Asus EeePC 1015PN



  • Forrest Smith


    HDMI out miiight just not work, but a couple things that could help:

    1) Connect HDMI out to a monitor, and then close the laptop lid. Does it work? If not - reopen the laptop lid. Sometimes a sleep/resume enables digital out.

    2) Connect HDMI out to a monitor and then press ctrl+alt+f2 to switch to a tty. Then ctrl+alt+f1 to switchback. Does that turn on HDMI out?

  • Philipp

    Hello Forrest,

    thanks. I just closed and reopend the lip and HDMI Video was working.
    But the sound via HDMI is not working, although I can change between HDMI and internal sound.

    Is there a solution for this issue?

  • Forrest Smith


    Have heard from a few people that sound via hdmi isn't working for them, so I wouldn't hold your breath.

    You can check our if there's anything which can be turned up or on using sudo alsamixer.

  • Philipp

    Hello again,

    Audio via HDMI is now perfect too. It was muted in the alsamixer.
    Thanks again for your help!

    It also tested now: SD card, microphone and speaker jack. Works fine.

    I'm really happy now. Good job!

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