Works on Samsung RV515 Laptop



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    Forrest Smith

    Hi Simon,

    Glad things are working well, and sorry you've found you have to choose a boot device every time.

    One thing to try - you might find that switching UEFI mode on or off, turning off secure boot, or installing via a UEFI-option could help here. No guarantees, but it's always worth experimenting to get rid of that pesky start-up task.

    Otherwise - keep on keepin' on! Thanks for using CloudReady!

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  • alexred

    Hello Simon,
    same problems for me, but I solve it with Super Grub2 Disk (cd),
    “Detect and show boot methods” --> /efi/boot/bootx64.efi

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  • Mike

    I had to comment even though this is an old thread.. thank you so much!
    I have the same old Samsung rv515 and it too was struggling with cloudready boot up.
    However I switched the UEFI to 'on', and it has worked like magic ever since!
    So thanks for asking the question, and thanks Forrest Smith for answering it!

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