Works great on 13 inch late 2010 Macbook Air




  • Timothy Li

    Correction. It's a 13 inch Late 2010 MacBook Air.

  • Forrest Smith


    Great to hear! Love Apple hardware (especially their trackpads), but I like it even better with Chromium!

  • msp

    Also on this model.  As of Os72 the browser works perfect,  Hardware seems to work great!  Flatpaks throw errors at me but work with patience,  I really wish I could get Crostini to install, with gpu acceleration and sound coming shortly, it would be so perfect.  Linux goes to install and hangs at about 25-30%.  It creates the linux folder in file manager (but can't open it,) It creates Terminal icon (but can't open it,)  I can not uninstall Linux either.  Also every time I reinstall CR it doesn't format the drive, just adds more partitions.  I hope Crostini gets ironed out for my MBA.  Thanks for all the hard work Forrest.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi MSP,

    Can't speak to your Crostini trouble unfortunately since this isn't a device we have or are testing that experimental functionality on. However, you can always consider disabling verity and running Crouton as a less-ideal workaround.

    I did want to comment on your install concern -

    "Also every time I reinstall CR it doesn't format the drive, just adds more partitions. "

    That sounds interesting, though difficult to imagine. Can you provide more details? Screenshots or disk info after several install?
    Note that CloudReady, after a single healthy install, is *supposed* to have 27 partitions.

  • msp

    Unfortunately I spoke too soon.  I have been using these Verbatim Store and Go sitcks my partner brings home from work.  We have a dozen of them.  It occurred to me in my installation troubles that these sticks are suffering form the exact same symptoms of the Sandisk errors described here.  Ironically, the only other usb stick I had here was a Sandisk ultra mini 64G.  That worked perfectly.  Installation in minutes no problems.  I was getting "slow dd performance"  errors and failing the hash check at the end of manual install.  I was certain the SSD on my MBA was toast.  Nope it was the USB brand/model...  The confusion regarding formatting must have been from incomplete installs.  I apologize.  


    I still can not get the MBA to entertain Crostini install/uninstall.  I know the Core 2 Duo L9400 is dated but it does handle intel VTx.  There are no Bios settings on a Mac to play with.  I have reset the Pram.  Does Crostini work on any of the Mac models yet?  I have experimented with Crouton but it is too cumbersome for my students and family members to practically use.  My students need to use Audacity and Vlc (hopefully Ardour too).  The flatpaks are better but there are errors starting them up and they often times require a restart.  Many times when I minimize a flatpak I have no way of opening it up again and need to restart.  In a couple of months students should be able to search in the assistant for linux apps for Crostini and install them in GUI without touching the terminal, with sound and usb storage.  I really love that idea, this eliminates the need for Android and provides full featured desktop apps on older/weaker hardware that is intuitive for a non techie.



  • Forrest Smith

    I imagine the age is the problem with Crostini - VTx is needed, but that doesn't mean that's the only requirement. I think newer i5/i7 Macs work alright with Crostini. Keep in mind that it is designed only for very modern Intel chips on Chrome OS, so it is not surprising that going 9 years back has some issues, sadly.

  • msp

    That is understandable. I appreciate having the Os as a replacement regardless.  Like I said, the Flatpaks function for the basic needs I'm looking for.  Thanks Forrest.

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