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    Forrest Smith


  • Brian

    I am unable to get my T420S to boot from my Cloud Ready USB stick.  I have booted from this USB stick successfully on Thinkpad X220.  My T420S is i7, both UEFI and Legacy enabled, Legacy first.  

    When I try to boot, i am returned to the boot menu as if there is no detectable system on the USB stick.

    Thank you in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.



  • Forrest Smith

    Brian - 


    I'd remake your USB installer and try again.


    Also, make sure Secure-boot is turned off in your BIOS and of course that USB-boot is enabled.

  • Brian

    After tweaking some settings in my BIOS I am able to boot from USB successfully.  I'm not sure which one was the issue, but was tweaking the UEFI and Legacy booting options.


    Thank you for the quick reply

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