ASUS 1005PE EeePC Working Well, Internal Storage? ISO?



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    Forrest Smith


    Did you use "dd" to directly write the cloudready binary to your ssd? If so, that is why you lost space on your ssd.

    You'll need to use dd to write the binary to a USB installer, and THEN liveboot from the USB installer and trigger the installation. Our install script, when run from inside CloudReady, will resize partitions intelligently to give you back your space.

  • Forrest Smith


    Glad you're digging CloudReady! We love to see technical people get involved.

    Can you help me understand how an ISO and using Unetbootin would help you get back access to your music and other storage? I'm afraid I don't understand the problem yet.


  • Gavin McKenzie

    Thank you for super-fast answer!!
    I should have separated my questions/comments better.

    ISO, Unetbootin, DVD, one subject matter.
    Storage a different subject entirely.

    I can access music etc. from USB, but it would be handy to be able use remaining internal SSD.

    Once again,
    Many Thanks!!!

  • Gavin McKenzie

    I did "dd" the "bin" file to USB, and then installed from there.
    In Files I only see
    1 Google Drive inc. My Drive, Shared with Me, Recent & Offline
    3 and USB

    Audio files on USB (mp3) don't seem to want to play in Audio Player, although YouTube, BBC website and Tunein play fine online, once Flash installed.

    I will post a separate question regarding Flash.

    Thanks again!

  • Forrest Smith

    Tim what your noticing with storage is just how Chromium OS and Chrome OS work - there is no local file-system outside of GDrive and Downloads.

    You can create additional folders in Downloads to work around this.

    The MP3 files aren't playing because of a missing Codec, which is proprietary. We are working towards support for this.

  • Gavin McKenzie

    Thank You!

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