Works on Macbook Air 2015, with some minor issues :)



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    Forrest Smith


    I just spoke with one of our developers and he had this to suggest:

    If you're using efi-boot mode, then the grub menu should be mounted at /dev/sda12. If you are using BIOS booting, then you want to check out syslinux instead of grub.

    sysctrl might also work for you, but we don't have anything details to offer there.

    You changes definitely might need to be repeated upon update - I'm not sure how to help you with that. I would recommend scripting the changes and just re-running the script every update.

  • Farrell Rafi

    Hey Forrest! Sorry for late reply. sysctl doesn't provide parameter on /sys/module/ files but only on /proc/sys (see ).

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