Installation Fails on Dell Latitude D520



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    Forrest Smith

    Chris - are you logged in when install fails? Make sure to log out first.

    You found the right way to report bugs for sure - here is where we watch for stuff.

    If you're logged out and it still isn't working, try re-making your installer and initiating install prior to any config events like wifi etc.

    If all that fails, come back and we'll dig deeper.

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  • Alex Barres

    Chris, what USB Drive are you using?
    Sometimes, CloudReady (Chromium) will detect the USB Drive as an Hard Drive instead of a Flash Drive, and the install will try to Install to the USB thinking of it as the HDD. Unless the terminal command works, I recommend trying a different USB.

    P.S. 16 GB and More tend to think of themselves as HDD, so try a 8 GB.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Matt Christian

    You may have to use chromeos-install from the chronos command line via Ctrl Alt F2 . That worked to install CloudReady for me on Sony VAIO laptop when GUI install failed, see my separate post about it.!topic/chromium-os-discuss/m11hm_kdUUM!topic/chromium-os-discuss/vD_vQo54Ttw

    • Matt
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