Is there a way to enable the microphone on my Acer Aspire 122p?



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    Forrest Smith

    Hi Jonothan

    Glad this is workign for you!

    We'd love for you to post a video - an external microphone might work better.

    If you want to try to enable the internal mic, here's one possibility (no guarantees):

    1) Go to a command line
    2) run "sudo alsamixer"
    3) Look around in there to see if there are any recording devices that are muted or have very low volume which you can turn up

    You might find that the mic just needs to be enabled.

    Good luck!

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  • Jonothan

    Hi! Thanks for your prompt reply!

    Unfortunately, this didn't work as the reply was:
    cannot load mixer controls: input/output error

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  • Forrest Smith

    Sorry to hear Jonothan -

    That failure sounds to me like the machine can't communicate with the audio stack so you may be out of luck.

    If you have a smartphone, you can use that to submit a video. Elsewise, we just hope you enjoy CloudReady!

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  • Jonothan

    Unfortunately, I have had to switch back to Windows :( due to lack of support for:
    A. Sound in applications other than browser (I did everything I could).
    B. Wierd black screen with purple charactors at top on start and shutdown.
    C. Microphone support missing.

    It's annoying because it really was fantastic (especially with touch support) and I have recommended it to others!
    If there is someone who is adding hardware support: I have an Acer V5 122p, AMD A4 chip. I think it's quite a popular pc so added support would be fantastic for others as well!

    Thanks for this amazing work- I don't know how you do it!

    • Jonothan Hunt
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  • Forrest Smith


    We'll keep our eye on the V5 and see if we can improve audio with future releases - thanks for checking out CloudReady!!

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