Opening docx,xlxs, ppts files in Chromium os



  • nangtienngu

    I also comfirm that Cloudready is working very well on my laptop HP G4 1035-TU

  • Forrest Smith

    Hey there!


    We're working to fix the issue with the Office-docs extension app.


    You should note that, if you visit and upload Office documents through the browser there, then you'll be able to edit them as Google Docs. Obviously this is not ideal, but hopefully it will help you in the short term.


    As for Skype - can you link me to the Skype app you want to be able to use?  


    Glad to hear your HP works well - thanks for trying CloudReady!

  • nangtienngu

    I installed Skype Web extension on Cloudready but I can only type messages with my friends instead of making phone calls or video calls with them. Could you give me the instructions to help me to install Skype application on it ?

    I aslo suggest you should set up some applications by default on Cloudready such as Libreoffice,Vlc players, PDF viewer,etc. It will be useful for beginner users on the new Os.

  • Forrest Smith



    There is currently no Skype implementation that works for Chromebooks - sorry!


    Libre Office is also a local application that won't run on Chromebooks. If possible, we recommend you use Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online.

     CloudReady works very similar to Chromebooks in almost all respects. The only applications you can use on CloudReady are found in the Chrome web store.


    VLC is an important exception: it can be found in the Chrome App store, but is bases on an import of the Android VLC app. Right now, CloudReady can't run Android ported-apps, but soon we should be improving this. I'll be posting here in the forums when that update comes.


    Sorry not to have better answers for your needs - hope you still enjoy CloudReady!

  • nangtienngu

    No problem. I still love this OS because it runs very fast on my laptop. It takes only 10 seconds to boot into Cloudready. Does Cloudready need a antivirus program ?


  • Forrest Smith

    Nope! Antivirus isn't  necessary because programs can only run inside the browser, and are sandboxed there as Chrome Apps to protect the system.


    You should be virus free!

  • nangtienngu

    Great! It helps me to save money so that I could buy another laptop instead of buying antivirus program. I hope CloudReady will continue developing to give users more features in the future.

    How can I open ISO, NGR,MDS fileS on Cloudready ?


  • nangtienngu

    Why is SUID Sandbox is turned off. Is it secure ? Is it necessary to turn it on ? If so, how can I do it ?

  • Forrest Smith

    nangtienngu -


    I'm afraid I don't know what the SUID Sandbox is. 


  • liberodark

    On 45.3.39 can open doc or docx or xls or xlsx etc..

    because the necessary extension request version 47!
    can you please update the system.

  • Forrest Smith

    liberodark - 


    As stated above, this is something we're working on, though we try to communicate clearly about this current limitation.

  • David Smith

     Any update on this topic? Just installed cloudready on my wife's old laptop and I have to say I am very impressed with exception to this one, glaring issue. She is a teacher and needs to quickly access and review all sorts of documents. 

    Are there any alternative extensions in the interim?

    Thanks for all you do! 


  • John

    Is any update on Opening Microsoft office with CloudReady yet? The extension "Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides" is very useful, but it is not compatible with CloudReady.  Can you make it happen?


  • Forrest Smith

    We 100% intend to do this, but the timeline is not yet clear - apologies for the inconvenience.


    (Remember, if you open those doc files in the UI (instead of the files app) you can still open them in GApps.

  • Forrest Smith


    The office docs editing extension works (for the time being) on Google v49

  • David Smith

    Forrest, so is this working in the current release of CloudReady? I understand it works in GC v49, but wasn't sure if CloudReady is updated to use that version of GC. 

    I was going to convert a co-workers old netbook off of XP, and CloudReady was in the running, unless this function isn't ready yet. 





    EDIT: I'm late to the party, I just saw the release for 49.1 (sans mp3 support : /)

  • Forrest Smith


    It *does* work on our latest release v49.

    However, you may want to wait a week or so - we seem to have something weird going on with video drivers that I think we'll push a patch for next week. Then it'll be time.

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