HP Pavilion dv1000 - Install/First Boot/Usage Report



  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Misael,


    The Google voice thing may be misleading - I'd encourage you to test micro phone input some other way. Also, you should test the built-in mix separate from the aux-mic input.


    Thanks for all the info! Glad to have you using CloudReady. 

  • Benjamin Gordon

    Microphone does work... Just tested it on my own... Volume issue is the same but everything else seems to work fine... No crashing as far as I can see... 

  • Forrest Smith

    I think we might be stuck on this one -




    Nothing to suggest sounds is broken OR can be improved on Arch Linux - makes it seem like Neverware needs to upgrade some Linux basics to get this working - keep checking back on every update - it could improve later in the summer.


    PS - a pair of USB headphones with an external volume knob would probably do the trick for now. 

  • Misael

    Hmm... one thing I DON'T recall trying is the F9-F10 Keys to see if those work. I only tried using the built-in volume buttons. I'll post once I get a chance to test that, unless Benjamin gets to it first.

    As for the microphone; I tried using it from the App Launcher. I do not recall using it outside of that. I'll try that when I get home as well.


  • Benjamin Gordon

    Just tested it... The volume buttons don't do anything... Cloudready only recognizes it as on or off... But I would recommend you try it just to be sure...

    Microphone does work as far as I can tell but it could have just been a fluke... I would try it with something else before making a decision...

    As far as the webcam goes... Well... Mine doesn't have a webcam... So I'm not sure where you're getting that from... But there were several versions of this same computer so eh... Yours is probably just a year later...

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