New install on HP 3105m - seems to be working


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  • Tom Miller

    Don't get me wrong, I bought this thing used w/o a hard disk and put what appears to be a slightly smaller than spec but otherwise 7,200 rpm hard disk in it.

    It currently has 5 tabs open.  I am running the CRXprt's performance benchmark  (extension) and a youtube video of "18 inspirational songs" in another tab.  And typing here.  It maybe a little stressed out because sometimes the letters don't appear right after I type them.

    The Syntactic touch pad is very sensitive again.

    The memory monitor is reporting 0.1 memory left on a 4 GM (shared memory) system.  This is all on battery.

    Based on what I see right now, it looks like I have a "hit".  Nothing a little hurky-jerky like my Aspire One 722-0461 was.





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