• Forrest Smith

    Brad - 


    That's really interesting - I wouldn't think Flash would have a significant impact on Skype performance. 

    As for the HEVC/H265 app, I'm glad that fixes it - we'll look into what that means on our end.

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  • Brian McCorkell

    Hi Brad

    Can you point me in the right direction on how to go about running Skype on Cloudready, please?


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  • Forrest Smith

    You can't use Skype video or calling on CloudReady or Chromebooks - sorry, you'll have to take that fight to Microsoft.


    You can use Skype chat with this app:


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  • Brad Sharkey

    Well you can't install Skype "natively" but you can get the Android version to work with a bit of tweaking and make video calls.

    This was brought to Chromebooks some time ago and this tutorial for Chromebook Skype is quite good:-


    The article provides a link for getting the Android version of Skype that works. However for Cloudready there is no "developer mode" to be concerned with and I found that installing Evernote didn't seem to help.

    Instead I installed Archon Runtime from here:-


    I suggest the 1.2 32-bit version.

    You will also need Qwerk from here:-


    I suggest you first create 2 directories - one "archon" and one "skype".

    In Cloudready you unzip a zipped file by clicking on it and it then "mounts" the contents. Basically you click on the "contents", copy them and then paste them into a directory. When finished click on the mounted zip file again and choose "close". Do this with the Archon .zip file.

    The Skype file is an ".apk" and you drag this to Qwerk which then builds Skype which you save in the skype directory.

    Then load the two unpacked extensions - Archon first - as described in the tutorial. The Skype extension will show errors but will still work. Good luck. 



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