CloudReady on specific partition



  • Forrest Smith

    Carl - 


    Not really.. or, at least, not without strong Linux-skills.


    Chromium has 12 partitions all on its own, so it only default installs to whole devices. We only built dualboot for Windows and haven't studied whether or how it would work with OSX.


    IF your Bootcamp partition is a Windows install AND your Bootcamp partition is your LARGEST partition... then running the dualboot install right from the UI might work.

  • Carl Hauschke

    OK The Bootcamp partition is running Windows 10. It's not the largest partition (nothing that can't be changed) but is it possible to go the route of manually installing it and specify the BootCamp partition as the destination Partition?

    I already looked into the command line installation a little bit but haven't jet used the --dualboot flag. I tried specifying the partition number without the --dualboot flag but that didn't work.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Carl,


    With or without the --dualboot flag you need to specify a whole device. Our internal logic and scripts do the choosing and partitioning.


    With the --dualboot flag on, it will only install if it can find a Windows partition with 32 GB free space, so you shouldn't have any worries abotu losing your data... just don't miss the --dualboot flag. It'll choose your Windows partition or fail - not sure which though.

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