HP Pavillion DV2000 install



  • Tom Miller

    I looked for specifications and it looks like the SanDisk SSD 32 GB hard drive is an after market addon.  This product came out in 2006.  The certification list says basically anything that came out after 2009.  That said, I have also had trouble with installing on a very OLD ssd-based Netbook.  

    There is a section in this support area on installing using the command line rather than the GUI.  I suggest you find that set of instructions and try it.


  • Tom Miller

    Plan on enabling the swap drive because you only have 1 GB of ram installed.  If you can get CloudReady installed, plan on upgrading to at least 2 GB of ram.

    To turn on your swap drive:  Cntl-Alt-T to get to the command line.  Then type in "swap enable 2000" without the quotes.  <enter key>, exit the command line and reboot the system.

  • Mauro

    I plan on upgrading the ram to 4gb soon. i was planning on maybe dual booting but not sure yet as i am testing this to install on a friends kid computer. To be honest it has me thinking twice about just wiping the os i have and just have cloudready on it. seems pretty fast out of the box with just the usb live. 

  • Joel Lee

    It worked for me, Though the Wi-Fi adapter was lazy and did not want to function. 

    RAM: 2 GB

  • Forrest Smith

    Joel - 


    Does your DV2000 have a physical wifi button, physical wifi toggle, or keyboard shortcut for wifi ?


    Try any/all of those to get wifi working. Make sure that you also use the soft-switch in the clock-tray. 

  • Mauro

    Mine has a physical wifi slide switch on the left hand side next to the left hand palm rest.

  • Joel Lee

    My dv2000 has a WiFi switch. I tried sliding it, but it is stuck on the amber light, which means the drivers don't exist in linux/cloudready.

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Joel,


    I don't think that's necessarily what the amber light means all the time. 


    1) Sounds like the light was amber, and when you slide it over it  stayed amber: is that right?

    2) Can you tell which position is supposed to be "on" and which should be "off" ?

    3) Have you tried toggling it off and back on, and then going into the OS's clock tray and resetting wifi in there by clicking the small wifi icon to disable and re-enable?

  • SlayerProof32

    A few days ago, I successfully got cloudready working on an HP dv2715nr laptop (Hp2500 series) It has 2048mb (2gb) ram, a AMD Turion 64x2 tl58 processor and a nvidia go 7150 gpu.

    Web cam works fine

    Graphics look good, except that it would not properly display on  a 1920x1080 monitor. It attempts to use 1024x768 instead

    Wifi will work, but I have to always toggle the wifi switch to the off position, then back to the on position.

    It takes 50 seconds to boot the computer from the time I push the power button, to the time I can log in

    The computer is faster than the chromebooks i've used. Thanks cloudready!

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