Dual-booting with Grub on two separate disks



  • Forrest Smith

    Thomas - 


    CloudReady is double-buffered - this means the bootable partition is cloned so that, when an update is downloaded, it can be installed to a separate directory than the currently running partition. That way if the new update fails to boot, the machine can just fall back to the old OS and try to update again. 

    While your config isn't something I have experience with, I image that's what's going on. Either the two options are different versions, or they are clones of one another if you're on a fresh/non-updated install


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  • Thomas Novin

    I have installed version 46.1 on the disk that is now sdb. Now OTA has been installed. So they are probably clones then?

    Let's say I boot sdb18 and then install an OTA now, will it be installed on sdb20 and then next reboot, I need to boot sdb20?

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  • Forrest Smith

    Yes, - that's my understanding. Once you have installed an OtA you should find that those two partitions are different versions (you can dbl check now by booting into one and then the other and comparing the string in the top-right of the screen).


    Another possibility - those two boot paths probably have instructions like this:



    ATTEMPT: boot from sdb18 boot partition

    IF FAILURE: fall back to boot from sdb20



    ATTEMPT: boot from sdb20 boot partition

     IF FAILURE: fall back to boot from sdb18


    So, it's possible that right now sdb18 is the only valid boot partition, and when you choose sdb20 as your boot partition the boot path finds nothing there and intelligently falls back to the other.

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