Smart Lock



  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Chris - 


    Sadly we haven't taken the time to check out smart lock yet. None of our paid users use it so we've been unable to prioritize it.


    I'll update here if we get a chance to fix it.

  • Michael Dean

    I'm in exactly the same boat. I have a complex login and don't relish typing it in every time I boot.

  • Karthik Sandeep Vempati

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but any news on this feature? 

  • Ralph Bigio

    Really need this feature. You guys have done a great job on everything!

  • Forrest Smith

    Hey guys - 


    I want to be transparent that this is not at the top of our list. It isn't a feature used in schools or corporations, and is a niche feature even amongst our free users.

    For what it's worth, I would love to see it supported personally, and will do my best to keep it on our list, especially if we end up with more man power to address these little corner-issues.


    But for now, if this is make-or-break for you, I need to sadly advise that you seek other options :-(



  • K Breen



    Would be great to see this.


  • Chris Hudson

    Hey Forrest,


    What about this new feature in the dev channel?


    Can we get this???


  • Forrest Smith

    Hi Chris,


    I don't see why this option would be a problem on CloudReady - it doesn't use the same secure interaction protocols necessary for Android-Chrome smartlock.

    As we rollout v53 we should be able to test it.

  • Chris Hudson

    Well, for everyone following this thread, Forrest might end up being your hero.

    Forrest, so v53 should include the pin to unlock feature and play store access?  :-D

    The other issue I had was that I use keepass for my password manager, and there are no web based implementations so a native android app was my only option.

    If v53 has pin to unlock AND playstore, holy crap that is a whopper of a release!

    Thanks Forrest!


  • Chris Hudson

    Hey Forrest,

    Looks like 53 came out today.  How long does it take you guys to merge/test the latest code?  :)

  • SignedAdam

    Screen lock is Great, IF you put your laptop to sleep all the time, IF you however restart the computer, screen lock gos away, leaving you needing to enter your full google password again, I restart alot, because I also game on my laptop in windows, when I want to do a quick seach for something, I come in to CloudReady, its not very quick when im having to enter my full google password in every time, and no, I shouldn't need to shorten my password, to make it weaker, 

    so Screen Lock isn't really worth turning on the way it is right now, it even times its self out as your computers asleep, so if you wake your computer up, after its been to sleep, you will need to enter your password again, if it was on all the time, didn't time out and stay on even after a restart, I could see the point in it, please make it stay on after a restart, 

    Please keep pushing Smart lock, i'm sure there are students with there own google account which could benefit from this, who are using cloudready 

  • Chris Hudson

    I haven't booted up my neverware laptop in a long time.  Has anyone used pin lock?  Supposedly that should work even after a reboot, and should remove the need to enter your google password...

  • Forrest Smith

    Hi SignedAdam,


    When it comes to security, we like to follow Google's lead. They sell Chrome OS into high stakes businesses and government scenarios, and we don't want to diverge from that level of trust any more than is absolutely necessary.

    You're also using a Google account to authenticate yourself, which means all authentication events have some potential interplay with Google's servers. If we break that contract we run the risk of breaking log in altogether.

    If you  think there's a case to be made for a change to the authentication experience, I'd suggest you articulate the change you're interested in seeing in Google's Chrome OS Product group.  They are usually pretty good about taking recommendations as long as they are thoughtful.



    PIN unlock works (for lock screens only, not for initial sign in).

    Guide Here



  • SignedAdam

    @NeverWare Team - is Smart lock still on the list, it would be Great. not to enter anything at all. only my phone,

    I'd say the Greater risk, is having to weaken your google password, in order to unlock CloudReady in a sensible time, wouldn't you ?

  • Lewis Holt

    Any update on this?


  • Forrest Smith

    Pin unlock works if you're desperate for something faster, but SmartLock requires TPM functionality, which not all machines have.


    We have enabled TPM chip functonality for a couple of common TPM chips, so if you go in your BIOS and find that you do *have* a TPM chip (or "embedded security device", or similar) then you might be able to use this.


    To do so:

    1. Find TPM settings in BIOS
    2. Clear TPM chip if possible - then save and exit
    3. Re-enter BIOS and find TPM settings again
    4. Enable and activate everything
    5. Re-install CloudReady

    Assuming you have TPM chip (many consumer PCs don't) AND assumign your TPM chip is supported by us (many are not yet) then, at this point, you may be able to enable smartlock.

    But, this isn't something we're testing internally so I can't make any promises. Just something to try.

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