Multiple User Profiles like in Chrome Browser for Windows



  • Forrest Smith



    I will note from the outset that this isn't something we've spent time testing because most users prefer to log out and back in when sharing their devices. 


    I dug up this article which should give you the clearest instructions of how to do what you intend to do, but I cannot guarantee that it will work - either due to our version (which is a few behind Google right now, and so may have missing features) or some other issue with CloudReady. 


    Check out those instructions and see if you get any further - otherwise, I'll submit this problem as a bug to our developers.





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  • Brandon Giesing

    What @Adam said should definitely work (unless CloudReady bug) because it's been in Chrome OS since somewhere between Chrome 30-35 (aka 1st quarter 2014)

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