CloudReady Dual Boot with Windows 7. Partition Problem.



  • Forrest Smith

    Asif - 


    From which existing partitions (1-27) did you make the new one?


    CloudReady expects specific partitions in the 16-27 scheme to have booth parameters, storage, etc. So if you made a NEW partition that bumped UP all of the CloudReady partitions (16-27 -> 17-28) then those will be off.


    You can probably just delete one of the 10-15 partitions to fix this... I think.

  • Asif Sajjad

    Actually I am Shrinking the C:/ partition after installation of both OSs.
    Please advise what to do?

  • Forrest Smith



    Sadly, what you're doing isn't really something we support. Why don't you:


    1) Make all the changes you need to to the partitions

    2) Reinstall CLoudReady


    see if that helps

  • Asif Sajjad

    I have tried to reinstall after making changes. But then the drive is again converted into RAW Partition and creating it again produces the same error :(

  • Forrest Smith

    OK , let's try this:


    1)Use Windows disk utility to format/delete all partitions except the original Windows partitions.

    2) Re-absorb all that extra space into the original Windows partition.

    ---At this point your computer should only have Windows-partitions (probably an EFI boot partition, the main Windows partition, and maybe a recovery partition)

    3) Now, separate off as much space as you need to from the biggest, main Windows partition and format that partition however you prefer.

    4) NOW boot from USB and run "Dualboot Install" procedure


    Hope fully that will do it.

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