Cloud ready installation



  • Forrest Smith

    Hey Neil,

    Typically, with dualboot especially, this happens if your current Windows install is in legacy mode, not uefi.


    Did you upgrade from your OEM install of W7 to W10? Or did you fresh-install?

    Did you follow this guide prior to install and confirm that the Windows OS is in UEFI mode? 

    Did you make sure to boot your USB in uefi mode ? (only relevant if you mixed legacy/UEFI modes both available)

  • Forrest Smith

    Neil - 


    I don't know whether it is possible to install in UEFI mode - in your BIOS there will be a "UEFI mode" toggle if that is possible.


    If it IS possible in the BIOS, you'll need to switch that over AND THEN reinstall Windows while in that new boot mode. You can't dualboot unless you meet this requirement, unfortunately.


    Best of luck!

  • Tom Evans

    I'm having similar issues, just in a loop of the blue spheres 'scrolling' across. Is there any way of getting out of this without it becoming a problem as its obviously not fully installed?

    I've gone for dual boot to start with on my wife's laptop to make sure she likes it.

    Advice required.



  • Forrest Smith

    Tom - 


    You can safely exit the installer by shutting down -Windows should still work even if CloudReady is partially installed.


    Especially if you're dualboot installing, here are some possibilities for this forever-wait issue:


    1) Are you using a Sandisk USB? they have major issues

    2) Are you 1000% sure your exsiting Windows installation is in UEFI mode?

    3) Did you make sure to turn off Fast Startup and shut down completely instead of hibernating?

    4) Is your USB boot in UEFI mode?


    Make sure you meet all those requirements. Also, even if you're not using a SanDisk, switching USBs to a different brand may be a good thing to do just as a precaution if you're at all able.

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