On screen Keyboard does not work at logon screen



  • Vu Lam

    Having the same issue as described above. Hoping for a fix soon!

  • Mike B

    I have an Acer Revo 3700 connected to a Acer t232hl touchscreen monitor. I have the same issue, on-screen keyboard works fine once logged in but no matter what I do I cannot get the on-screen keyboard to work on the login page..

  • Forrest Smith

    Hey guys - 

    Definitely a bug we'd like to fix in the short to medium term - stay tuned.

  • Mike B

    Any change on this?

  • Dave Butler

    Still not working for me.

  • paul widdison

    A year down the line has this problem been resolved. I have just setup a machine and has the exact issues as mentioned in the original pst

  • Marvin Rohrbach

    I also have those problems. Is a fix in sight? Really liking cloudready so far, but this is a real issue for me, because i have installed you os on a tablet and can not log in without getting out a keyboard

  • Joseph Honnoll

    Sadly no. Tried with both Dev. and Stable Build. Maybe in the Final Build...

  • Evan Jensen

    I have the most recent (60.0.3112.117 64-bit) running off of a USB on a Dell convertible laptop. The touch screen functions, but the on-screen keyboard is not working. It does not pop up when selecting a text field in tablet mode nor does there appear to be an onscreen button to force it to pop up. With a lot of convertible laptops out there nowadays, this should be a function that works out of the box.

  • Keegan S

    2 years later, same issue. It's not really acceptable to not have this on the roadmap, considering the amount of touch-only devices out there now.


    It's been a known issue SINCE 2015: https://neverware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/208055127-On-screen-keyboard-not-working-during-usb-boot

  • Forrest Smith

    This is fixed in v65 (currently in dev channel)

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