Successfully running on Dell Dimension 4600 & 4700



  • Forrest Smith

    Clancy - 


    So much useful info for others here - thanks!!I have found that uneven amounts of RAM can cause crashing - maybe up your Ram from 1.5 -> 2 if you can.


    As for installing - Sandisks have some known issues on CloudReady. You may want to try another type of USB stick to install locally. 

    You should also check the BIOS for:

    • TPM
    • Verified Boot
    • Secure Boot
    • HDD mode

    And see if changing those allows them to boot!


  • I have a 4500s, it will no boot from usb. Is there a way to preinstall in hdd or burn dvd?

  • Forrest Smith

    You can install on the same HDD in another device and then physically move it from that machine over to the 4500s. Note that this post doesn't say the 4500s will work - only the 4600 and 4700.

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