Boot to Guest Browsing?



  • Forrest Smith

    Not that I know of - you can manage it that way if you buy the paid product and start using Google MGMT for a managed Google domain, but I assume that's not what you want?


    You might be able to set up a simple browser as a kiosk app, but on an unmanaged machine I don't think I'm able to guide you on that.

  • bardo

    By "managed Google domain", do you mean we'd have to have a Google Apps or Google for Business account? (we don't have that)

    Basically, I'm thinking about a use-case where we just have a few "around the office" laptops that are completely pick-up-and-go.  No signing in, they just boot directly to our Office365 login page and you could easily plug one in to a projector or TV to display presentations or documents from the web.

    If it's as easy as buying a single Google Chrome Management Console perpetual license and a few cloudready for education licenses, then I think that might work for me.

  • Forrest Smith

    Well, you wouldn't need to pay for Google Apps for Business, but you would need to 


    1) Sign up for a free trial of Google Apps (just to register your domain with them)

    2) Buy MGMT Console licenses

    3) Buy CloudReady Licenses


    You'll need the same number of licenses of each if you have multiple comps to do this with (which, in MGMT console land, would be called auto-launching a Public Session).


    Let me know if you want to go for that - I can set you up with someone for purchasing.

  • bardo

    Ah, you'd have to buy both licenses for each machine?

    That makes sense.

    Thanks for the info!

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